Janna Kipness
“There is a part of us that says
it is never too late to be reborn
on the inbreath each morning…

Restorative Counseling Santa Fe:
Restoring meaningful relationship to self and others


Our experiences and beliefs about ourselves and the world create emotional holding patterns of behavior. When we face these with compassion for ourselves and release “emotional memory,” what the body and nervous system have been holding, we become free. Free from self-limiting beliefs and harmful behaviors. Free to choose and allow ourselves to receive what we deeply want in life. The therapeutic process is a true collaboration between therapist and client. I believe each of us innately carries the capacity to heal ourselves. With my help you can connect with the restorative part of yourself and learn to rely on your own inner wisdom.


In therapy I help you experience relief from painful emotions and an increase your ability to regulate and manage emotions without shutting down or doing things you may regret later. You can build confidence and take pride in managing urges and behaviors with healthy skills. Psychotherapy helps you change negative thinking patterns and intervene with shame and fear. As a therapist my goal is to help you increase experiences of love and joy and become more comfortable accepting happiness.


I am committed to a deeper understanding of self and reconnection to the part in each of us that is already whole. Therapy is an organic process that gives support and guidance. It is a space in which to pay attention to yourself, the first step toward release and relief. Choosing a therapist requires feeling in to your experience as you read. Look for a resonance, a sense of ease. I am happy to talk on the phone to help you make your decision.


Brainspotting and Dialectical Behavior Therapy are two of my specialties.

There is a mercy making its way
up through the ocean of the earth
to the shores of our feet”

from There is an Elemental Love
by Stephen Levine