Janna Kipness


I met with Janna daily while I was in (residential) treatment and continued to see her for a year after I was discharged.  Janna provided a space of safety for me that I could not create for myself at the time.  I grew up in an unpredictable, chaotic house. I desperately needed someone who was honest, loving and had clear boundaries. Over time I was able to trust Janna; she consistently showed up in the same loving, clear predictable way which allowed me to be vulnerable enough to start on my pathway to recovering.

Janna is professional, educated and sophisticated, all of which I value and this allowed the platform for me to begin to work on healing with Janna helping to guide the way. I could not have done this process alone. Janna was pivotal in my recovery.  I am so grateful for the time and compassion she provided me.  My life is better than I could have ever imagined it to be.  I never thought I could wake up and feel good and want to start a new day.  I have a professional career where I supervise many people and am successful.  I now am able to provide safety for myself.  I love my life on most days. I believe I am a beautiful, intelligent and loving woman.  I have been able to work on hardwired behavioral traits with the help of Janna and change my negative self-talk and thinking patterns.  Janna was able to help provide me patience when I did not have patience for myself.   This is the best gift I have ever given myself, to allow myself to be healthy, loved and known.

—KF, Santa Fe


My experience with Janna was life changing.  During our sessions, Janna managed to maintain professionalism while still being empathic and warm.  Her understanding and compassion created a safe environment where I was encouraged to be my authentic self. I was also challenged to truly look at myself and my actions.  During times of crisis, Janna was consistently available for support.  Since working together, I have noticed improvements in my reaction to life’s circumstances.  I have personally benefited greatly from therapy. I will always be appreciative of Janna.

—AC, Santa Fe


I was truly blessed to have Janna Kipness as a Therapist. Janna is a gifted therapist who understands her clients, is compassionate about her work and has tremendous knowledge about the effects that trauma has on individuals and their relationships. Working with her advanced my healing and trauma work significantly. I highly recommend Janna to anyone who is in need of counseling. It is my belief that she will forever change you; spirit, body, mind & soul.

—Alyssa, Missouri


Excerpts from client letters:

“You were such an AWESOME THERAPIST, Janna-both in group, as well as one-on-one! I think of you often, and always fondly, with a smile on my face; and love, warmth, and much appreciation in my heart!”


“I want you to know that a week NEVER goes by when I don’t think of you and feel gratitude for all you did to help me. THANK YOU!”


“The first day I met you I saw a strong woman who could read me like a book. And I’m so glad you could. Thank you for being such a vital part in saving my life. I really appreciate you being you!”